The Hayseed Group, LLC, was founded in 2003 by (from left) Jay Chadwick, David Burgess and Tracy Keeney.

Bringing Real Estate, Energy & Innovation

The three founding partners of the Hayseed Group —Jay Chadwick, David Burgess, and Tracy Keeney — have each achieved success in business and as community leaders over the years. As close friends, all with generational roots in the Wyalusing area, they decided they should join in a business venture.

The motivation was a plentiful and valuable commodity in Northeastern Pennsylvania’s Endless Mountains— real estate. Beneath it all is the Marcellus Shale and the abundance of natural gas it provides. The rumble of commercial and residential development was growing louder back in 2003, and the trio decided it was time to pool their resources and get involved.

By selling and leasing real estate, they also saw themselves as the guardians of the countryside they love and the natural bounty of its rolling mountains and the scenic Susquehanna River that winds through them. With this comes the responsibility of protecting the assets that have served their ancestors so well across the generations, as well as their small town and rural neighbors who live here today.

There was property available for sale— a large parcel expanding out of Wyalusing itself— and they realized it could have a huge impact on the future of the community. The Hayseed Group purchased those 82 acres that is now the limited liability company, West Wyalusing, and that was just the beginning!

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