About Us

About the Hayseed Group…

Bubba, Binky and Chaddy were standing around a campfire late one evening and decided they ought to get out in front of the clamor for real estate in their neck of the woods. After several months of trying to persuade Binky, (Bubba and Chaddy needed his money), he finally signed on.

That was how it all started, but the real motivating factor was that all three of the founding partners were born and raised in this special part of the Endless Mountains, and they greatly appreciate the natural bounty of its rolling mountains and the scenic Susquehanna River that runs through it. With it comes the responsibility of protecting its assets and recognizing the change that must come to keep the area vital by serving the needs of its residents, young and old.

They are proud to live and do business in this place they all call home…

After all, there’s a little hayseed in all of us.

The Hayseed Group, LLC was founded in 2003 by three friends, Chaddy, Binky and Bubba (left to right).